About HeavenSent

HeavenSent was born my junior year of high school (I am currently 21), beginning with simple handmade pieces I made for myself and my friends, that I eventually started selling on Depop after constantly being asked to do so. I was tired of buying $20 necklaces from Urban Outfitters only for them to turn green in a few weeks tops, and was thrilled to share my tarnish proof jewelry with others, too. My friends still wear $20 pieces I made for them in 2017.

I was initially drawn to personal expression via jewelry because I was plus size the majority of my adolescence, back when there were seldom cute places to shop at my size aside from Forever 21. Jewelry is inherently size inclusive, and truly works for every person and body.

What was first only meant to be a casual hobby quickly evolved into a passion, as I developed my craft and learned how to design and manufacture my own pieces. HeavenSent jewelry is for the misfit & awkward alternative fashion-forward freak teenager I once was, and will always be, in more ways than one. 

Love, Sophia xoxo